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06-10-2001, 01:48 AM
As you read this please let me know if you have improvements.

The project was to get my IWill KK266 to perform as well as my Abit KT7. A Duron 600 at 1.775v ran fine @ 10x100 on the KT7, but would not come close on the KK266. I was using a cheap copper Polyblock water cooled system on the KT7, so I moved the cooler and the cpu over to the KK266. Under full load it would not do 1Ghz, no way no how. The mb temp from MBM ran hot (10f+ over room temp), so I replaced the northbridge hs with a blorb with silver paste. I also cut up a small hs to cover the power transistors. It was better and reached 1Ghz but still crashed and burned when the room temp got above 80f. I switched from water to an air cooled FOP32 HS for the cpu and a blowhole (exhaust) for the case right above the cpu. I used a 120mm NMB fan with 70CFM for the blowhole because it was quiet (35db). The CPU and MB temp was lower, but I had to take the right side case cover off to get good air flow. What was interesing after I took the side off, was how HOT the under side of the board was by the CPU, it was over 100f. I made the hole in the case frame below the CPU larger and blocked off the air flow into the case except for this new larger hole. Wow what a difference, air flow under the board was the answer. It lowered the mb temp to +1f above room temp, and lowered the cpu temp >5f. Maybe the MBM temp for the cpu was distorted by cooling the under side of the board but it ran stable under all torture tests. I did add a 1/16" copper plate to the FOP32 whice also helped. I am going to change out the cpu fan with a Delta38 that is on it's way here. Hopefully it will help with further cooling so that I can swap the Duron600 with my new 1.0Ghz AXIA Thunderbird. Any suggestions or comments?

I still love water cooled CPU projects, this was just a nice find.

07-01-2001, 07:53 AM
The Iwill is a great board, I have one. I put HS's on the POWER MOSFETS (the 6 transistors at the middle/upper left of the MOBO that helped me a lot. There is a voltage mod for the board as well. Where you can get the chip 2+ volts. I noticed with my KK266 I needed more Core voltage to OC my 1.33 T-Bird apposed to my other board. Probably because the VIA chipset uses quite a bit more power on the Iwill than any other board I've tested. But one of the biggest things you can do is HS you Clock generator chip. Look in your manual it'll show you where it is. But once the HS is on there, DON'T EVER TAKE IT OFF Iwill kind of cheezed out and forgot to smack some glue on the back of it, you'll tear the chip right off.

07-01-2001, 07:54 AM
Sounds like a great system, and like all great things they take a little more work than the rest. :cool: