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11-08-2000, 05:11 PM
I just bought two Silencer 80mm fans for my servers with the 2-pin connectors. However, the connectors are the wrong size! For the life of me I cannot find the correct connectors, but then again, I am not that familiar with them.

Anyone know where I can locate crimp connectors and how to determine what exactly I need?


11-10-2000, 08:39 AM
Umm even though I dont like em, CasesEtc sells the Molex connectors that you need.


11-27-2000, 12:57 AM
hehe why joe?

i know they are VERY expensive (like plycon), what other reason is there?

cole seems like a great guy and he stocks ALOT of great products

i cant wait to see his alum. case he got going

that thing is soething i have consider getting myself

lian li cases suck, imo

05-30-2001, 06:08 PM
I've just install a Sunon 80mm in my case (2 wire).

I brought a molex splitter cable (one male, two females), since I didn't want to screw with the molex's on my power supply and I needed more anyway :)

You can use a small (very small) screwdriver to remove push the sides of the metal guides inside the molex to remove the existing wire and connector (that's the hard bit). (I took the red wire and the adjacent black, since I wanted 12v).

Once that's done, cut off the two pin connector from your fan, and solder to the top of the metal molex guides - insert them back into the molex connector and you are away.

This is a cheap way to do it, it didn't take up an existing molex, and it works well. And, I've kept my 3 pin headers free for 3 pin fans!