View Full Version : fan for MCX 462 -> sev. options

09-11-2003, 04:36 PM

I just bought a Swifty MCX 462.

But I want also a nice fan to overclock my 1800mpmw ; but I want to do it in relative peace (read: silence )

The fan will be hooked up to my PWM baybus, so I want a fan with high cfm's witch I turn down and then turn up the volume again when needed (eg for impressing friends with my oc :D )

I have several options:

- coolermaster blower, the radial fan delivered with the Aero 7+ ;
seems to have nice airflow and pressure at low db. I had also
read some positive opinions against radial fans.

- delta extreme, problem is that I don't know if he is really quiet
at 3-5v...

- Tt smart fan I; the one I have know in combination with my
volcano 7. Normally with tempsensor, I have vmodded him to
fully control him between 3-12v. Was relative quiet at 5v but
maybe there are better options.

- Antec triple light; ever saw him in a review as best combination

- Tt smart fan II; read many positive notes from all those
computernerds :p;) here but dunno if it's worth upgrading from
vI to vII. Any1 who has experience with both?

- Papst 8412NG; 49cfm and 32db. Really sweet specs, but can I
trust them?

- Noiceblocker S4; 75 cfm and 32db. Seems to be the kick-ass
combo but don't think this will be like that :shrug: . Anyway, I also
ever read a quite positive review, but whitout comparisions...

So, I hope some of you have had several of them so I finally know some comparision results.

If someone can recommend me an other kick-ass fan, do your job!

Anyway thanks gentlemen! :dome: