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12-13-2003, 03:01 PM

i was hoping that you guys and gals might be able to help me out..
My setup is as follows (at the moment!!)

NF7-s Rev 2 with latest bios released installed
xp2500 @ 2.17ghz (10.5x206) @ 1.625vcore (set in bios) very stable (at the moment)
geforce 3 ti 200 )going to upgraded to a 9800 pro soon)
adaptec 29160LP card & a seagate cheetah 36gig HD 10k spin HD
maxtor 120 gig hd - storage
pioneer dvd-rw/rom drives
chenbro gaming case
spire falcon rock 2 cooler
standard 360w psu

now i have been having problems of late (i imagine due to the lack of power my current psu gives) as i have recently plugged in my scsi drive and things start shutting down... :(
i was thinking of upgrading to these few bits as i figured it would garrentee better performance than i have currently...

Antec true power 550w psu
Vantec Nexus NXP-305-SL Fan & Light Controller (with the 2 lights and loads of connections for under £27!!)
thermalright slk-900a/u heatsink
vantec tornado 92 mm fan

now the reason for the fan controller is that i can control the noise of the two 120mm fans i have at the moment (but i cant use them because of my current psu and the noise would bug me) and the 92mm tornado i would like to get for my heatsink that i buy.
im a little confused as to which thermalright heatsink to buy, so which one would anyone heartly recommend? and is the hardware i have mentioned buying any good? should i consider changing anything?

im sorry for the long message, but im a little confused and wanting some good advice as to what to buy..
thank you for your time and i look forward to the replies :) thanks again :)

12-14-2003, 05:47 AM
you've the configuration described above, and you want some advice for a new heatsink.

right ?

so, you may take which HS(F) you want, thermalright's are (very) good...

the best you can buy for your mobo is the SP97 ;)

the worse, humm... some verax ? :D (too bad)

12-14-2003, 05:55 AM
well i did say sorry for the long post!
well the heatsink was part of the question, but it was also down to the psu and the fan to sit on the heatsink.. i didnt want to go nuts but i wanted to get something that will cool the cpu down as far as possible..

i have just ordered a SLK-900U as i have read that the 947U isnt as good as the 900 and i figure for a saving of nearly £15, i figured i couldnt go that far wrong!

what the hell is verax? (excuse me for being a little thick!! :shrug: )

12-27-2003, 01:55 AM
<-- hates tornadoes.

i wouldnt go with the tornado, even though it pushes 106 cfm of air, the damn thing sounds like a helicopter. For the 1 degree difference, go with a 92mm fan with a better cfm/noise ratio...

edit: like some panaflo fans or something similar...i use a volcano 9, and it works fairly well...

edit #2: i have the vantec sound and light controller. As a fan contoller, it's very good, with the voltages ranging from 0 (completely off) to 12 v, and the cathodes look cool too!

12-27-2003, 02:12 AM
but what can i say? the noise for me aint that bad! i used to own a 60mm delta fan and that use to cool down my tbird i used to have. i have included a picture of my temps with my new fan and heatsink combo on my barotn xp2500 and one now (cos i killed off my barton :cry: :mad: ) with my xp1700 that im using...
i figured a 1GHz overclock was good enough on air!! :D


that was my barton xp2500..


and that is what im running my tbred at now.. any good?