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02-04-2004, 09:01 AM
Hello. From (http://www.basoncomputer.com) I purchased an external SCSI U160 68pin 36G HD last week; it came with case, ext U160 3'cable and terminator (it is actually an 80pin atlas[maxtor nee quantum], adapted for 68pin insided the case and they didn't advertize it as such). It didn't come with any how-to information.

I need to know which connector on the the case's back is 'IN' and which is 'OUT' (terminated). Top and bottom: which is which?

I have an onboard adaptec UW3 scsi card(UW2930, preLVD) --as for its 68 pin use it only has one internal 68 pin connector(unlike some scsi *cards* which have an internal male connector and an external female). I found an internal to external cable that came with the motherboard; It is an old UW3 cable.

A cable similar to what I'm refering to: http://www.mcpb.com/html/sier68x368f.html

The cable has two internal connectors and then it continues on to an external (female) connector. I'll hook the new bason supplied u160 external cable and drive to that. Is that okay?-- Will the mixing of cables hurt the data?

This is my Hard Drive set up now--
-drive0= Viking; drive1= Ultrastar LVD
-[uw2930 onboard]_____(int LVD cable)_____[drive0]____[drive1] (LVD terminated on cable).

My set up after I install the new bason drive--
-[uw2930]______(old UW3 int to ext cable)____[0]__[1]_____/(female connector)/______(the bason supplied external U160 cable)____[2]ext (terminated with bason supplied terminator).

Do I have to set the last of my internal drives ("[1]") to 'TP' or anything special?

Another question... If I used my internal to external cable from above but only installed the two internal drives on it, could I terminate it at the female connector? ie...

uw2930____0__1___/fem connector/ (terminator cap, which bason supplied, on the female connector here at the back of the computer).

Is that possible or would the termination be too far away from the final drive? (Is this where "TP" comes in?)

Scsi ID numbers are for each cable or all scsi devices? Ie say a system has 5 SCSI devices; three 68 pin and two 50 pin. Would it be 68 pin = IDs "0,1,2" and the 50 pin = IDs "0,1" or all drives on card = IDs 0-5?

A little sheet of paper with a drawing showing the ext case's back connectors in/out scheme and other relevant info could come in the box with bason drives, for inexperienced people.

Thank you for any help.

02-04-2004, 09:04 AM
Obvioulsy you can ignore my above for this is a coolling sub-forum. Duh..