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hara 12-26-2002 04:11 PM

Outrage: cooling 10 comps with an Uber pump and a bong
Just like the topic says. We'll be cooling 10 comps with a 550W pump with 50m max head. Is it enough, we don't know the flow. My friend has to disassamble it cause it's ****ed up with all the shit pumping from his well. It has constand operation written on it. We'll not run the comps 24hr/7. It is just an experiment. We don't need extreme cooling, adequate cooling so we can OC a bit. These are the problems we encountered so far:

Bong tube - what diameter?
Bong tube - what height?
Bong fan - Blower from a car's heater? Is this overkill?
It's cheaper for sure cause we'll steal it :evilaugh:
Self refilling res - Will tap water **** everything up. How about catalyst convertors/filters.
Ping pong balls?
Filters for the showerhead...
Manifold? wtf?

The blocks we'll be using are either squirrel or this .

The bong will be dissipating a maximum load of 2000watts. We're aiming to keep the water within 5C of ambient.

For each PC, we'll use 1/4" id tubing internally. Is this adequate for a low flowrate? The flow will be split in parallel to all pcs.

Thanks in advance for your comments :)

crane 12-26-2002 04:49 PM

Explain why you named the block "squirrel" and I'll leave you alone. ;)

hara 12-26-2002 04:58 PM

Because while I was typing the post. A squirrel taking a shit popped up in my head. Really!:D I find them funny and keep drawing them getting ****ered with humans.

Anyways, back to the topic. Have you get any helpful comments? :)

crane 12-26-2002 05:01 PM

Yeah... a car fan blower with a "squirrel "cage on it would put out lots of cfm's for bong cooling.

Puzzdre 12-26-2002 05:04 PM

Think you'll have to have a helluva good tubing and connections to keep this things leakless...cos' of the pressure that pump can make...

I don't know for sure...;)

hara 12-26-2002 05:07 PM

Keep them comming. "Squirrel" cage fan will be it then...

airspirit 12-26-2002 06:19 PM

I would recommend 15 ft tall with 3 ft diameter, using five sprayers in an X formation, and about 2000 CFM blowing up through it. Keep it outside in an arid environment, and equip it with a float valve connected to your house's water supply to supply the 2 gph loss of coolant via evaporation. A normal bong will not cool that loop adequately. Think nuclear cooling tower.

airspirit 12-26-2002 06:22 PM

Alternately, purchase an industrial vacuum evaporator for around $60K USD and again, be ready with a hydraulic actuated and sensor controlled valve filler arrangement via a vacuum rated filler tube. That'll get you enough cooling (and consume about 3 kilowatts). Use one of the computers in the system to provide the control software.

jtroutma 12-27-2002 12:24 AM

Something tells me that pump of yours is an overkill :)

Tubing would need to be 3/8" to each computer so each machine gets an adequet supply of water.

The bong itself would definately need to be rather large. You might even consider constructing a vortex cooler becuase of the large amount of heat youare trying to disappate.

Tap water COULD be used in the whole system but tends to leave too much junk behind in everything else. You COULD setup a dual cooling loop; one for the cooling tower that uses tap water, the other one for cooling the systems. There would need to be some sort of heat exchanger in that case. (Come to think of it, if you do decided to build that vortex cooling tower, that super pump of yours would come in mighty handy :) )

That should be enough to chew on for now :)

hara 12-27-2002 04:37 AM

:drool: 15ft tall? No way dude, we're not going to cool the power station. Due to space restriction, we cannot make anything taller than 6ft :( . Also, we won't be needing sub-ambient temps, just adequate cooling hence the small diameter tubes.

ambient 12-27-2002 10:47 AM

you could try using a series of pumps rather than just one pump. This might release less heat into the water while providing consistent flow through the entire system with less pressure.

ambient 12-27-2002 10:48 AM

oh yeah, and maybe not use a bong and use one of these instead.

hara 12-27-2002 11:28 AM

Won't a bong be better than a rad anyways? :confused:

jtroutma 12-27-2002 11:40 AM

Bong better than radiator? Yes but with a radiator you have no way of reaching below ambient water temps. BUT you dont have to worry about refilling your system.

Here is what I would do:

Make a 4'-6' vortex tube and use that large pump of yours to power it. Then have a heat exchanger that will isolate the tap water loop (used for vortex) from the distilled water loop (for cooling CPUs). Use a Sedra 500A or better pump on the CPU loop and use 3/8" tubing to all the machines. That should provide CPU temps 10-15 degrees of ambient (depending on the CPUs you are cooling)

The vortex cooler would also look cooler :)

hara 12-27-2002 11:43 AM

I have no idea what a vortex cooler is :cry:

Besides, I don't seem to favour water-cooled water coolers. It seems a waste for me :confused: :shrug:

ambient 12-27-2002 12:31 PM

what is the real difference as far as temps between a bong and rad. From i've read its only slight like 2-3c. To me at least, using one rad and a few pumps, rather than a large a$$ bong with a replenishing system to be a big waste of time and parts. But, hey it's just an experiment :D

jaydee 12-27-2002 04:12 PM

Re: Outrage: cooling 10 comps with an Uber pump and a bong
Well I had a lot of BS written up but I will cut it short. 1 6ft bong is not going to handle 2000watts. I am not sure where the 2000watt figure arrived from though. Looks to me like 1200watts is more acurate with the info given anyway.

If I where you, and I was set on a bong, I would do 2 6ft bongs! One each for 5 computers or just run them parallel. Sounds like the pump will handle it. I would also go with 3/8"ID hose. Thats all my unscientific a$$ can think of at this point.

airspirit 12-27-2002 04:20 PM

He can't use 10 computers on that one rad. He would need three, since you can only pump 4 machines through each, and that is with hellacious bypass. That radiator, though, is the only way for him to go, unless he goes with one of the larger lytrons with 5/8-3/4" channel width, and even then he would need two. No standard computer radiator can begin to handle that heat load, even in arrays of 5 or more.

See my article on multiplexing a watercooler (on the front page of procooling). You'll see that I already needed a bypass for TWO computers.

With 6ft of headroom, unless you went with a commercial evaporator (if you could afford that you could afford a cray), bong cooling is impossible. End of story.

You COULD, if you used enough fans, do it with three of those Lytrons combined with about 2200 CFM of air across them (Comair Rotron Caravel x4). The cooling box you would construct would measure about 4ft high by 3ft wide (think a medium sized fridge) by about 2 ft deep (shrouding for the four fans). You would need a large res (similar to what I built to feed the pump without collapsing your system) with the three radiators coming off in parallel from it, also keeping a bypass line (1.5-2") available so you don't collapse your lines from the radiators. I would recommend using that pump in this setup due to the intense resistance you will encounter. Your bypass will probably be open about 60% at 1.5", and you will be limited to 3/8" lines through each PC.

Does that help? You'll know what I mean when you read the article. My box I constructed will be capable of four PCs, and is currently running two beautifully. If I put on a fifth, by my calculations, I wouldn't be able to adequately cool the water since my bypass would need to open 100% to provide flow, and my CPUs would burn anyway.

Parallel Radiator cooling is the only way you can go without SEVERE cooling like vortex or massive phase change arrays.

airspirit 12-27-2002 04:22 PM

By the way, a system like that could be constructed for under $600, if you did the woodworking and PVC construction yourself. You may even cut the costs to under $400, but that would be if you got a song on your fans and rads. That is US Dollars, by the way. That works out to about $3 billion Canadian, or so.

hara 12-27-2002 05:41 PM

or 5 trillion in my currency. So what would happen if a 5Ft high 1ft wide bong were used. With a car blower. Would the pcs burn in hell. or would cpu temp be about 20C more than ambient?

Since87 12-27-2002 06:43 PM

Better think about how much water is going to be going into the air. Unless something is moving the humid air out continuously, the air may become saturated, at which point evaporative cooling will cease, and the bong will effectively be working as a radiator.

hara 12-27-2002 06:58 PM

It will be outside

freeloadingbum 12-27-2002 10:18 PM

Since your not trying to get the water below ambient temp, A bong isn't worth the bother. A large car rad should easily get the water 4 or 5C above ambient without all the hassles of a bong.

jaydee 12-27-2002 11:14 PM


Originally posted by freeloadingbum
Since your not trying to get the water below ambient temp, A bong isn't worth the bother. A large car rad should easily get the water 4 or 5C above ambient without all the hassles of a bong.
A car radiator or even some heater cores in sequence. If it is going to be outside you will not need to worry about the noise. Get one of them 19" house fans and a matching car rad and shroud it together somehow! Or better yet 2 fans one on each side! :evilaugh: Man I gotta go before I get to exited! :D

Good Luck!

The Spyder 12-27-2002 11:59 PM

Why was the pump removed from the well? I have a well, and a pump like that, its a 1.5hp pump, 300m head, and it move ALOT of water. Is your pump inwell or outof well? Because i will tell ya, these suckers run off 220v, and use 2x electricity of my 5 computers! I dont think you should be using that pump.....

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