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jontz 05-10-2006 09:19 PM

Name resolution over VPN
I recently set up a VPN between my companies two locations (one in Indiana, one in Florida). I am using 2 Adtran Netvanta 2050 routers to do it, one at each site obviously. Everything seems hunky-dory except that there is no netbios name resolution over the VPN. I can connect to machines by IP address, but I can't connect by their computer/share name and I can't browse the network in My Network Places. Any ideas on what I should be checking?

blue68f100 05-12-2006 12:11 PM

Re: Name resolution over VPN
Havn't done and VPN but have thought about seting one up.

Generally if you can connect by IP and not by Name, refers to the DNS Name server. I've run in to this with closed networks. You may need to add a secondary DNS.

re3dyb0y 05-12-2006 03:52 PM

Re: Name resolution over VPN
Yeah, if you set a secondary DNS (ie a server on the other end for each), that should help with resolution

Are they both on the same ip range? Or different ones?

jontz 05-14-2006 08:00 AM

Re: Name resolution over VPN
They are on different IP ranges. Florida is on, Indiana is on I'll look into the secondary DNS matter sometime this week.

blue68f100 06-06-2006 09:40 PM

Re: Name resolution over VPN
Did you ever get your problem resolved???? Netbios

jontz 06-07-2006 09:36 PM

Re: Name resolution over VPN
Not yet, I honestly haven't had time to mess with it as work has been insane lately. I am probably just going to set up DNS on the Win2K3 server and call it good.

blue68f100 07-01-2006 04:43 PM

Re: Name resolution over VPN
Read some where that the PC's had to have File & Printer shareing turned on.

blue68f100 08-27-2006 05:46 PM

Re: Name resolution over VPN
I have been testing (beta) firmware for my Netgear FVS338. This came about when many functions I wanted were not working in the current release. Kind of bad when you spend good money for a bussiness class router and it's unable to renew the lease time. Only shows up with lease time > 24hrs. I had a 4 day.

Having 2 broadband connections allowed me to do real world VPN connections. My first setup was router to router (Netgear FVS 338, Netgear FVS328), then Netgear's VPN Client software to Router (FVS338). After 4 beta versions, I now have a working VPN. My Netgear routers support NetBIOS over VPN, this only works with a static IP on the 338. The 328 did not have this restriction. Test were run using a DynDNS service. I have name resolution. As long as I could ping a device I could mount it. I was very surprise as to the speed. I seam to have full band width of the uplink speeds. All connections were 3DES with auth through the IPSec Tunnel.

I will now use this if I need to access to my snap server, when away from home. My next task is to see if I can get awake from lan to work over VPN.

jontz 08-28-2006 03:45 PM

Re: Name resolution over VPN
I am thinking about getting rid of the routers I have at work, I am really not happy with them. It might not matter anyway since we might be getting a point to point T1. Thanks for the info though! I noticed that my 318 has an option for NetBIOS over VPN as well. I'll have to play with it.

bobkoure 09-12-2006 12:59 PM

Re: Name resolution over VPN
One "cheat" that's easy to do is to add the address of the remote DNS server to the list of DNS addresses supplied by the DHCP server. If the routers support DNS forwarding, you could either add the remote DNS server (or router) addres to all machines via DHCP, or just add the remote DNS server (or router) to the list of servers your local router is forwarding DNS requests to. There's pros and cons - but mostly just be careful to not get circular references (of course)...

sanjeevani 12-08-2009 01:13 AM

Re: Name resolution over VPN
How do I VPN to my home pc over any random internet connection on my laptop? I have a Hp Laptop running Microsoft Professional Service Pack 2, Home edition on my Desktop. I have high speed internet, and want to vpn to my home network over any random internet I can pick up. How do I do this? I have a static Ip address from my ISP and my ip address on my LAN never changes. How do I restrict access to my home network over vpn to only my laptop MAC address?

bobkoure 12-08-2009 10:32 AM

Re: Name resolution over VPN
I'd suggest that if you indeed NEED HELP, responding to a thread that's been dormant for six years is probably not the way to do it. Google is your friend.
That said, you need a firewall with VPN server capabilities. Some have it some don't. If you have a WRT series router, the standard firmware typically does not, but dd-wrt does.
VPN access is not gated on MAC but username/password pairs. However, you assign VPN clients local IPs in a range (that shouldn't overlap anything else, of course). You can then allow/disallow access to particular machines on your home net using those IPs.

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