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matrickage 11-22-2000 07:56 PM

24 volt PSU for .8 172 WATT Drift
I just got a REALLY sweet pelt from TEDist Inc. Its rated at 24v 172 WATTS. I talked to them and they said the pelt runs best at 18V so I am stuck in a dilemma. What the hell can I use to power this thing for my Duron? I would like to have something that I can put in my case (full-tower Addtronics), so 2 motorcycle batteries is kind of out of the question. If someone can please advise it would be appreciated.

you can check out my project at

shr1nk 11-26-2000 12:06 AM

not to mention that the batteries would die out in about a week of full use :P

Cryonosis 11-27-2000 12:13 PM

goto and buy a 24v power supply from them, or make you own.

to make you own you just need a transformer and a full wave bridge rectifier, fairly simple, but something I don't want to go into detail about here. but then again if enough people are interested. . .

well anyway, good hunting

matrickage 11-27-2000 12:38 PM

ty Cryonosis...

The Transformer idea souinds good but what would you do with a bridge rectifier? I found a 12Amp 24V transformer.. couldn't I just solder a couple o leads and run it?


tentaclefiend 11-27-2000 10:54 PM

hate to break it to ya but 12A won't serve the Drift .8 once you realize that that transformer is rates for 12A @ 24VAC, but when it's running at full load it will get _hot_, probably 50 to 75 C, depends on the rating. I have the drift 1.05 myself, i didn't want to try and fit two 12-24VDC@10A power supplies into my rig. Also, for a pelt at this high of a rating, you need a really kickass coldplate and waterblock - e.g. i'm trying to find a source for a solid, pure silver coldplate.

Cryonosis 11-28-2000 01:31 AM

the bridge rectifier serves as a "smoother" of the ac current.

quick description for those that don't know, AC current is a wave wereas DC current is a straight line. To get DC current from AC current, you must "rectify" the wave into a straight line. (that's the super quick, ultra rough describe, but it should do)

tentaclefiend 11-28-2000 02:23 AM

a simple full wave rectifier isn't smooth enough for semiconductor output, really. you'd need some sort of capacitor to flatten the lines out a bit

matrickage 11-28-2000 07:00 AM

or you can just find a 24V DC transformer like I did for 18bucks from mpj


Cryonosis 11-28-2000 12:19 PM

your quite correct, tentaclefiend, two capacitors around 470uf (give or take, it's been awhile since I've made one) are needed to also smooth out the current.

Best bet is to search the net to get a good schematic, that way if anyone where to build one they'd sure they were doing it right.

matrickage 11-29-2000 06:10 AM

ABOUT THIS BRIDGE RCTIFIER... DO YOU GUYS HAVE ANY IDEA HOW I WOULD GO ABOUT DOING THIS? whops damn caps lock... anyway do you have any schmatics or anything? does the rectifier have polarity? do the capacitors?

i found out that the transformer i wanted is indeed AC. this means that my alternative would be to apply this bridge rectifier and the 470 ohms capacitors to this circuit. the only problem is how? the only thing i have ever messed with extensively was resistors and dc motors...i iwsh i knew a little bitmore, so ill be going to research a little closer... perhaps i can figure it out before i get a reply... your help is much apprecited..

Cryonosis 11-29-2000 11:25 AM

a bridge rectifier is actually four diodes aranged in a fashion that it will convert the ac current into a pulsating DC current. Since we don't want pulsating DC two capacitors will be used to smooth out the pulses.

Search on the internet for a schematic, it's a fairly common circuit, but BE CAREFUL you can easily fry something if your not careful. Be sure to check the volatages that the transformer is rated for and make sure your capacitors are rated for at least four times the voltage that your output will be.

good luck,

matrickage 12-05-2000 07:50 PM

a buddy o mine just donated a 24V lambda power supply. kind of bulky, I think its probably bigger than a micro ATX case !!

Anyway I have a new 750 blue core that hits 1250 with air-cooling, so I'll see how that works..


Joe 12-06-2000 08:39 AM

I wish they would just make 120vAC 10amp Pelts hehehehe just plug em right in.

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