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Phoenix32 04-17-2011 11:58 PM

Snap Sanbloc S50 SAS HBA
Does anyone know the actual Manufacturer/Model Number of the SAS HBA card that is used in the Snap 520 and 620 NAS series NAS to connect to the Sanbloc S50 expansion unit?

I already know the Overland Storage FRU part number (2219500), but I am looking for the actual Manufacturer and Model Number of the card, as an example Adaptec SAS 48300 or SAS 4800.

Even better would if someone knew where I could get one for a decent price.

Thank you...

Phoenix32 04-20-2011 04:10 PM

Re: Snap Sanbloc S50 SAS HBA

Phoenix32 04-25-2011 11:35 PM

Re: Snap Sanbloc S50 SAS HBA
Well, I have figured it out on my own, so nevermind....

Moderator, please feel free to delete thi smessage thread since I am the only one who posted in it...

Ken West 01-08-2018 12:06 PM

Re: Snap Sanbloc S50 SAS HBA

I was able to find an S50 on eBay and need to buy the 2219500 HBA to go in a Snap 520. Would you kindly share the original manufacturer and model number.

Thank you for your help!

Ken West 01-25-2018 02:04 AM

Re: Snap Sanbloc S50 SAS HBA
The LSI SAS3442X-R PCI-X works fine as the HBA in a 520 to connect to a SANBloc S50.

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