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koolguy 11-11-2010 02:14 PM

oil cooling without submerging!!!!
Hello everybody,
I want to start playing around with oil cooling. Now, Submerging a MB in oil is totally nuts...But..

What I am thinking is something like a water cooling system but running oil in it.

Does anybody know about any website to start reading about it?

Thank you in advance.

ben333 11-11-2010 05:23 PM

Re: oil cooling without submerging!!!!
Wouldn't yield better results than water or antifreeze... so kind of pointless. I think it would be harder on the pump... and awful if you got a leak.

koolguy 11-12-2010 11:10 AM

Re: oil cooling without submerging!!!!
Regarding of leaking...water of antifreeze on the MB is a real electrical mess, even though oil on MB just sticky not electrical issues. Also oil has better heat conduction characteristics than water.:cool:

What i am trying to avoid is noise. A radiator and a big fan make a good job, also a lot of noise. :confused:

ben333 11-14-2010 05:52 PM

Re: oil cooling without submerging!!!!
To avoid noise, you want better cooling. Water or a water / antifreeze mixture will work better than oil for heat conducting and transfer. (I'm pretty sure)

I'd rather have water or antifreeze on my board than oil. I've dumped distilled water on a board in a running system while topping off a loop once. I patted it with a paper towel and the mess was gone and the machine didn't even freeze. Computer boards are laminated... and water is a poor conductor. Corrosion in a PCIe slot can SUCK though... ruined a video card for me, but a good cleaning with alcohol and a tooth brush seemed to revive the board.

Bottom line, oil is a bad idea. Unless you can show me some numbers saying it conducts heat better than water...

koolguy 11-15-2010 03:12 PM

Re: oil cooling without submerging!!!!
the coolant could be water antifreeze or main concern is noise..:uhh:...
By the way...Is antifreeze also a poor conductor???

ben333 11-15-2010 06:45 PM

Re: oil cooling without submerging!!!!
Ehh... you wouldn't be using freon in any type of water cooling system, that's a whole other category of cooling. Antifreeze I don't think conducts heat better than water, but it worth the piece of mind and protection against corrosion. It's also good for your pump because it lubricates.

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