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GrayFox 08-24-2000 11:52 PM

Golden Orbs?
Someone told me the Golden orb fans were one of the best cooling fans there are out there. Anyone know?

inventor2010 09-22-2000 01:46 AM

I am currently running two Thermaltake Orb coolers. They work great and they are very quiet compared to some others.
On my Celery 300a@504 MHz I have one similar to the one pictured above, except that it was originally made for a slot-A configuration. I ordered the wrong one, but I hate to send stuff back, so I made it work. I drilled some holes in the base plate to bolt it to my celeron. The back of the Celly feels only slightly above room temp when at 100% usage. I replaced my crappy oem one because the fans were dying and making a godawfull racket.
On a Duron system, I have one of the new Chrome Orbs. This thing totally rocks. It is a little louder than the Golden Orb because the fan spins about 1000 rpm faster. Also, it came with a thermal pad on it which did not perform well (maybe because I ****ed it up while installing it). I scraped it off and cleaned it, then remounted it with some Arctic Silver compound. Now, I don't see how any air cooled HSF could perform better. The chip is running at 103F under full load at its rated speed.

pandora 10-18-2000 11:31 AM

are you stupid greyfox they're not one of the best they are the best if your thinking of getting one get it and while your at it you can can me one aswell

eTiMaGo 10-31-2000 08:37 AM

The golden orb's an excellent value for money heatsink. can't beat more heavy duty (and expensive) ones like the Alpha series or the globalwin fop38, but it gets the job done and looks pretty funky too.


Kevin 11-27-2000 12:30 AM

The gorbs are great as they give nice performance at a very good price, but excluding price, they are not the best. The best would probably be the alpha, the hedgehog, and the articooler.

Will 11-27-2000 09:48 AM

Don't forget Globalwin's

Yes golden orbs are pretty bad for anything other than looks (which are just ok since I don't like gold). If you could find one of the older panaflo orb-type coolers it would probably work so much better and look better (IMHO).

puppet 12-06-2000 05:45 PM

I'm using a PanFlo Orb......had to mod it for my slot1 550e.......and it was worth the trouble. 35c under full load OC to 794 default Voltage. A great heatsink.

Freakyfrank 12-19-2000 11:32 AM

29/30C full load
20/21C idle (central heating down)
socket 370 TT orb..
celery600@900 whit 2.0v (norm 1.5)

except for that **** clip.. it works fine..
(it was making only contact on one site)
( 40C !! full load)

OC'ing is my middlename

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