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Mihnea1231 04-29-2010 03:31 AM

Videocard Waterblocks compatibility

I recently bought a ZM-GWB8800GT (Zalman waterblock) to install on a PYN 8800GT vcard but i did't fit in (a condensator on the card blocked the adaptator. The problem is that different manufactors of vcards design sometimes differently the cards, even i f they a re using the same nvidia chipset.


I would like to know where i can get information on the compatibility between waterblock and cards...

I have a Zalman reseraor v2 and a pcie vcard slot, i would like to find a waterbloc and a vcard, most powerful possible, to keep it without fan (I don't want to overclock but only to keep it silent).

I can easily have these waterblocks for the 8800GT :

Zalman ZM-GWB8800GT

Which 8800gt cards arec ompatible with them ? PYN, Twintech ?

I can also easily buy the Zalman ZM-GWB3850/3870. Which cards are compatible with it ? the Saphire, the Asus ?

Anyone know another waterblock and vcard combination ?

Thank you very much.

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