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pkmyt1 03-27-2015 01:43 PM

Can't Access SNAP410
I have a SNAP410 with 4x250Gb drives in a RAID10 configuration. I have lost the ability to access it using the web interface, Snap Manager, and com. I suspect something has gone awry with the configuration since the last message it broadcast was reboot required. I have attempted a hardware reset with still no access. Overland has given me a new unit but not all my data was backed up and I would like to recover that data. I wish they made these so one could boot off the USB and do a recovery. My question is; could I configure the new unit for RAID10 and then take drives 3 and 4 from the old unit and swap them? The new unit is a 4x1Tb. I don't mind loosing the space, I will transfer the data if I can to a different sever and then reset everything. Any other ideas? The heartbeat lights all suggest everything is working as it should on the old unit. Is there a hack to boot these into some sort of recovery mode?

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