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anticowboyism 09-25-2001 06:04 PM

cheap recording studio (quiet) OC solution?
MSI K7T266Pro-R, AXIA9 1.2 (probably not the best, but I didn't get to pick it out :( ) for use as a multitracking recording console in a quiet studio environment.

Using the generic AMD HSF that comes with new processors. Core temp was up to 50c last week idle. Now I've added an 80mm exhaust fan, with spec of 38CFM and 25 dba. But it can't be really 25dba because the thing is noisy. Plus I'm only down to 47c now. And that's with Arctic Silver II.

Looking for other options, and they have to be cheap! I know I can get a liquid nitro tank for $6,000 that's absolutely silent, but seriously guys... under $30.

The reason: 47c is not cool enough for a stable recording box. And even though I'm not OC right now, that's definitely an option in the future, as software requirements continue to rise.

resago 09-26-2001 10:57 AM

Volcano II - $8 quiet 45c idle on a 1.2GHz

SK6 w/sunon fan, $48 after shipping.

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