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Drummahjake 10-15-2002 10:51 PM

dBA of UV fans from
I am looking at purchasing one or two of these fans and am wondering how loud they are. It says that move 28CFM@ 3400RPM, but that seems like a whole lot of RPM for only 28CFM! In contrast, the new chrome 80mm fans move 37CFM @ 3000RPM and 27dBA! Does anyone have any experience with these fans that could tell me if that is a correct RPM messure, and comment on noise level? Thanks!

Blackeagle 10-29-2002 12:20 PM

Well I'm confused. I clicked on your link, and it read just as you say.

Then I got to surfing through the place (love the new res for the 5.25" bay).

Well then I clicked on a green glow fan of the type you want, differant stats from before! Strange indeed.

RPM 2500
CFM 32.5
dba 27.39
watts 2.4

More like it. Hope this helps, might want to send them a e-mail and see for sure thou.:rolleyes:

Ya sapose somebody typed in stats for a 60mm fan? Only way those first numbers make sense to me.

Blackeagle 10-29-2002 12:29 PM

Figured it out.

Two differant fans that glow at that site. Whan you clik on fans near the top are both green and blue fans. Much farther down you find a differant blue fan at 1$ lower price.

Lower priced fan is crap.

For a 1$ differance in price you can get a good one. NOW I really hope I helped ya out. All the best.

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