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PlawsWorth 06-29-2007 04:57 AM

paintball & intel viiv
Thinking of getting a new pc from dell. Need to know whats so special about intel viiv core 2 duo and the ones that arent viiv?

Also just bought a Tippmann A5 E-Grip and going to start to play paintball. any tips for barrel, mask etc to buy? or just tips in general on the subject.

billbartuska 06-29-2007 09:55 AM

Re: paintball & intel viiv
viiv is just marketing mumbo jumbo.

But then Google would tell you that pretty quilckly...wouldn't it?

Brians256 06-29-2007 03:11 PM

Re: paintball & intel viiv
The only tangible advantage to Viiv is that there were some special pieces of content available on Comcast, I think. Basically, no advantage. It's just a specification of parts like Centrino(tm).

Bignuts 06-29-2007 07:37 PM

Re: paintball & intel viiv
Agreed on viiv assesment, more marketing than value.

As for the paintball gun, I recommend you just play, dont get caught up in the upgrade hype. I.e. barrels are the biggest waste of $, the reality of differing barrels is that some actually do help you shoot better, with a certain batch of paint, on a certain day because the humidity and temp is different, etc. is it measurable? Sure. Statistically significant? Possibly. Do you want to carry around 20 barrels for all different conditions?

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