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earlmred 12-28-2000 02:05 PM

Trying to get the feet of my damn alpha
Hey, i'm trying to get the feet off of my alpha, cuz i'm putting a 55W peltier into the mix, and I can't seem to get them off! I've tried cutting (doesn't work well), I tried twisting with pliers, and they don't grip very well ... HELP!

Joe 12-28-2000 05:24 PM

Every problem in the world can be solved with a Dremel and a cut off bit.

Joe - Owner/Editor
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Somebody set up us the bomb.

earlmred 12-28-2000 08:43 PM

Well, sad thing is, my dad decided to get rid of his dremel (when is anyone gonna need that? sheesh), but, i got them off with a steak knife ... took an hour, but it works.

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