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Dyrewolfe 12-01-2000 06:39 AM

condensation & TBirds
Hi everyone

I'll be setting up a watercooling system for my 900mhz TBird and KT7 within the next few days and was wondering if I should be concerned about condensation developing on top of the CPU where the exposed electronics are? I'll be using a copper cold plate and 118w peltier along with the water block. I'm going fully insulate the block/tec/cold plate with RTV silicone and foam as well as in and around the socket. Should I go ahead and seal the CPU into the socket so no air can get in or is that just a place that won't likely develop condensation anyways?
BTW, I was thinking of cutting up an old can hugger to wrap the block/tec/cold plate with. Has anyone used this type of method before to insulate?

Dyre ..

ondaedg 12-01-2000 10:41 AM

That dude over at has done some of the most extensive condensation stopping techniques that I have seen. Check him out. Read all of his Watercooling articles cause each one seems to have a different form of condensation protection.


Kevin 12-01-2000 04:36 PM

Don't seal the chip into the socket. Just use vaseline in the area under the CPU and in the pins.

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