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Cheapdog 12-03-2000 06:41 PM

Danger Den Cube vs. OCWC radiator
Hey guys, I'm looking at these two radiators, the Cooling Cube from and the black radiator from Which one is the best? Does anyone have either one?

Thanks in advance.

Joe 12-03-2000 07:39 PM

I have the one from OCWC ( umm.. 4 of em actually) and so far the flow through them RULE. I honestly havent had a chance to test em yet. ( but will soon)

Joe - Owner/Editor
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Cheapdog 12-03-2000 07:49 PM

Thanks for the info. Out of curiosity, does ANYONE have the cooling cube?

*edit.....danged misspelled words*

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Kevin 12-03-2000 08:30 PM

I MAY get one pretty soon... throw up some type of review.

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