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dnsplus 09-18-2015 09:29 PM

(Snap, GardianOS) : Max Disk Size - 9/2015
its been a long time since i've been here ...

I have a couple 520's.

would anyone know if I can run disks bigger than 3TB in this thing? I'd like to put 4x 4TB, or even 4x 6TB in this.

I know it 'can be done' , but ... can I do i and still get ALL the space I should expect to see ?



Trod 11-06-2015 12:11 PM

Re: (Snap, GardianOS) : Max Disk Size - 9/2015
4TB drives were never validated on the 500 series systems. It may require a BIOS update to recognize the drive geometry, but 3rd party BIOS updates would cause Guardian OS to fail to function as it makes calls to specific areas of the BIOS and expects some custom values. So - if the system doesn't natively recognize the drive then you're probably out of luck.

You can get into the BIOS to see if it is actually correctly detecting the drives by connecting a serial null modem cable and using a terminal program like PuTTY to comm into it.

Serial settings are 115,200 baud, 8 data, no parity, 1 stop bit and xon/xoff flow control.

When the system is booting you should see the BIOS splash screen. To send an F4 sequence use alt-4 from the serial session. This should get you into the BIOS. Making changes is a risky business but in a pinch you could also use this to mount a USB stick and install another OS if Guardian OS won't do what you need.

dnsplus 11-10-2015 09:59 PM

Re: (Snap, GardianOS) : Max Disk Size - 9/2015
I cant get my 5.2.067 installations to recognize disks larger than 2TB ... works fine with 2TB disks, cannot get 3TB disks to work.

dnsplus 11-13-2015 02:56 PM

Re: (Snap, GardianOS) : Max Disk Size - 9/2015
also, the 6.5 GOS does not update the BIOS of the machine. 5.2.067 was on version 1.12.
After doing the clean install, the bios still reports 1.12 with the same old date of 2009.

It seems that the 6.5 kernel is not new enough to deal with GPT partitions:

-sh-3.1# cat /etc/devices
/dev/sdd SCSI0:0-0 2930266584 2930 GB WDC-WD30EFRX-68 0/3 WD-WCC4N1SFTUJX
/dev/sdc SCSI1:0-0 1953514584 1953 GB SAMSUNG-HD204UI 0/2 S2H7JD2B108856
/dev/sdb SCSI2:0-0 1953514584 1953 GB SAMSUNG-HD204UI 0/1 S2H7JD2B108847
/dev/sda SCSI3:0-0 1953514584 1953 GB SAMSUNG-HD204UI 0/0 S2H7JD2B108858

fsck.ext2: No such device or address while trying to open /dev/sdd1
Possibly non-existent or swap device?
fsck.ext2 /dev/sdd1 failed (status 0x8). Run manually!
mount: /dev/sdd1 is not a valid block device
umount: /mnt/tmp: not mounted
syncboot: no filesystem on /dev/sdd1, adding fs
syncboot: /dev/sda1 is newer. copying boot information from /dev/sda1 to /dev/sdd1

-sh-3.1# sfdisk -l /dev/sdd
Disk /dev/sdd: cannot get size

Disk /dev/sdd: 0 cylinders, 255 heads, 63 sectors/track

sfdisk: ERROR: sector 0 does not have an msdos signature
/dev/sdd: unrecognized partition table type
No partitions found

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