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Joe 09-05-2006 10:17 PM

What direction?
Which way you think we should proceed with procooling?

Angry_Steel 09-06-2006 02:30 AM

Re: What direction?
I think personally that a combination of the middle 3 would be a good thing. Diversify but keep the integrity and the depth.

Hardware reviews are important to me, but not for the same reason as the multitude of people. I could care less what is the super smoking highest framerate 34AA double GTXX GPU for the hour, or the CPU that can get the highest score in a 1month PI contest. Im more concerned with a balance of quality, stability, and support in a manufacturer and its products.

You very rarely see a hardware site with its integrity still intact, and if you do its a small one, because they have to buy all the hardware themselves. All the big companies dont want a bad review, and if you give them one they will move on to somewhere else that will give them a good one.

A suggestion to avoid the pitfall of out of pocket expense might be something as follows.....

1. Have a vote/poll every once in awhile (as needed) to see what kind of hardware people are interested in seeing reviewed. Motherboards, CPU, GPU, Network, PSU etc. Maybe at the beginning of a month.

2. After the category is decided, put up another poll with specific items to the category.

3. After it is decided, the community would fork up the cash. I mean lets get real, 1 dollar from each member would be enough to buy most anything to review. And if there is more than is needed then put it in a pool for the next month (or whatever the timeframe is)

4. Another idea is that after the review is done, maybe have a drawing, and the winner would get the review item (drawing from people who donate). This might come later, as having a certain amount of core parts for other uses on the Site would be neccessary. In fact why not build a Core system up first so that these kinds of reviews could be done easily.

Just a thought, and Im sure it could use some fine tuning, but maybe it will stimulate some interest.

Another idea would be to create a sub-forum for people who are new to watercooling, have it moderated by a couple of people who has the skill and paitence to deal with all the questions that new people have, because that will probably be the busiest forum. That way you have these kinds of threads in one area and the technical stuff in another. Its not meant to alienate or isolate new people, but just to consolidate the "Im new to watercooling, what should I buy" threads that clog up every other forum. Its almost a neccessary thing if your looking to generate more traffic.


bigben2k 09-06-2006 05:19 PM

Re: What direction?
Enabling the reader blogs might help.

I know that my wind tunnel experiment might not attract a lot of attention, but I know that some here enjoy it. Maybe it'll get more attention when I turn it into a full blown environmental chamber (maybe at the end of this year), or complete the full scale wind tunnel (no eta).

TerraMex 09-07-2006 12:38 PM

Re: What direction?
voted more articles, but reader's blogs sounds like a good idea.

no point on hardware reviews (ex: mobo's) , there's already a gazillion sites for it.
some actually decent.

Madnys 09-08-2006 06:47 AM

Re: What direction?
More on Cooling, More Articles, More Comparisons

More help on WC esp, I see alot of new people making many mistakes with building new WC comps for the first time and making many mistakes mainly because theres so much this is better than that going around like example

Apogee VS Storm
Many people quote the differance using the same pump where these two block excel with two extremely different types of pump, Apogee will outpreform the storm with a high flow/low head pump.

but then factor in a high flow/high head like the
Alphacool DDC 18w with 4.7m Head and 600 LPH
(which is the Laing DDC-Pump 12V Ultra with modded alphacool top)
Makes it the best pump on the market, with this pump the storm outpreforms the apogee by 3-4C,

But other sites around the web arn't updating their articles with the newer products that basically turn the whole best/worst upsidedown, but the newbs read these older posts thinking those products are the best for their needs.

People do a great job on High CFM vs Low CFM but what about the pumps, every item in the water cooling circuit can contribute to temp lose but you dont test it, changing the pump can make a hugh differance with the storm water block, but we dont see any site doing detailed reviews on the whole loop just the item they are reviewing (lazy)

BGP Spook 09-12-2006 09:07 AM

Re: What direction?
I believe the best we can do is to get new articles.

This should generate readers which lead to forum activity.
Granted it is activity by people who need help but it is activity that can generate revenue and grow the knowledge base of the site.

DX2 09-28-2006 11:30 AM

Re: What direction?
plain hardware reviews sites are a dime a dozen. if pro cooling turned into that id probably stop comming.

I say get some new projects, experiments etc, that way you might even get linked by other news sites. Its true cooling isnt as much a topic as last year with almost every hardware market becoming power consumption conscious.

You might try some fun projects. maybe try make an ultimate water cooling pc cooling as many components as humanly possible. over kill yes. fun to look at, yes.

look toms hardware silicon sealed a pc and filled it with oil.. OOO aaa. it was linked to by half the net.

That could have been you.
:-) be creative

Methadras 12-27-2006 03:00 PM

Re: What direction?
I was a lurker for a long time. I gleaned as much knowledge about what other people were doing for their cooling desires and added that knowledge to my own. I've been watercooling with TEC's for a long, long time and that's where I generally specialize and put my time. However, what I don't see around here is new articles or new projects and that's what should drive a site like this. The problem with a scheme like that, is that you need people who are willing to endeavor taking on a project and then have the ability to present it in a cohesive and simple way that people can picture in their minds and see.

Another thing that could be brought up to speed is the quality of writing. The ability to translate mechanics to words can be difficult, but must be a necessity. Otherwise people will be left scratching their heads about what is being done. Also, there needs to be a level of judgement in the writings and what I mean by that is, is that if something is done a particular way and it works, it should be promoted unless someone comes up with a better way to do something. To many time, I read articles or reviews about how the reviewer perceives something about what he is doing, but won't convey that this is either the right way to do something or the wrong way to do it. Instead it's left to the devices of the reader to guess what is right and what isn't and that's not fair to the reader.

If you are going to go out of your way to write an article of how to do something then state that this is the way you did it and if it works, then it should be promoted as a right way. Also, the pooling of resources should be promoted here as well. There are many people on this forum who have ideas and then share them with others, but have no way to execute and realize those ideas into reality. There should be a way to bring multiple talents on this board amongst each other.
Set up a talent pool and see if any kind of genesis can form from people coming together. Not just on a forum, but in a real way where one guy in california can collaborate with a machinist on the east coast and let other watch the progress or chip in their 2 cents.

I realize that some of this stuff may be hard to implement or could be rejected, but I figure some ideas are better then no ideas.

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