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ManyOne64 01-30-2012 08:27 PM

Intergration of LCS with FSO spatial topology!
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I designed this system back in 1999, so far it has stood the test of time and I would like to build the prototype by the end of this year. Over the years I have tried and failed to achieve my goal, but after recent discussions with IBM in May 2009 and their subsequent development of 'Aquasar' 12 months later, I am confident that my design would easily beat any competition. Based on price/performance and space/efficiency.

I am therefore looking for qualified individuals to collaborate with me in this project in order to construct a prototype using modern techniques and go onto establish a new supercomputer company.

System Specs:
64 Nodes
64 Port FSO Spatial Network
Fully Integrated 36kW LCS
Centralized Power Supply(DMX512 Protocol)
Dimensions: 24in. Diameter x 40in. High

Node Specs:
1 x Intel C2D 3.0GHz E8400
2 x GTX480
1 x FSO Gigabit Transceiver
SD based Linux OS
USB3.0(used for temporary storage)
Dimensions: 3U x 3U x 7U

My only condition is that any employee or affiliate of IBM need not apply!

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