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Originally Posted by Cathar
This has come down to one simple basic point. I refuse to accept that which is theoretically impossible. You can't change the laws of physics. You can't just blindly accept that a well known and analysed design (re: the XP) is achieving an h(eff) that is now projecting to be between 5-10x higher than that which was ever thought possible, or has an h(eff) 5-10x higher than anyone has ever independently shown, and the ONLY new data point is the TTV that suggests this.

As it stands, the Apogee's results with the 3mm base-plate would need to have an h(eff) that is around 2x-3x that which has ever been independently speculated for any design, anywhere, for the empirical TTV results to be true.....
See attachment

MCW6000 60x60x5mm bp 281 (9x2x2mm) pins with 6mm dia nozzle ?
Modelled as 60x60x5mm bp, 289(9x2x2)pins in17x17 array, 6mm diam nozzle?
Any one?

Edit1: Added Apogee 10mm ID

Edit2: Added graph for predicted performance on 1sq cm Heat-Die
Edit3: Added Predicted "h(eff)" Profiles
Edit4: Added Predicted Performance on 32x32mm Heat-Die
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