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Default Re: product testing today – who is being served ?

Originally Posted by Joe
This thread is intended to help bring an acceptable testing solution so that reviewer can get comparible data across websites, without having the massive expense and days of time it takes to test something.

3 or 4 hours are nothing compared to what a block would take to test at R+D levels. Hell it would take 3 hours to setup a test on high end gear.
Ok so who are we talking to? Shouldn't the reviewers interested in such a bench be in the conversation? Otherwise we are talking to ourselfs with our own biases.

We need outside reviewers with their perspective on what they will and will not do and then work with that info. What seems simple to us is not so for them. That not only will give us a better idea what to look for but may also educate the reviewer on better methods to get the desired results. We can design this bench but out of 10 people using it you will get 10 different results if the testing methods/conditions are not the same.
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