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Default Re: 2TB Drives in a 550

I can provide this update:
6.5 uses 64bit kernel that allows for more than 4GB to be used by the GuardianOS.
Larger partition support is also included in the new kernel
the 3TB WD RED drives are detected correctly, but report as being failed (perhaps because the version of fsck is 1.38 from 2005, which does not support GPT partitions required to go past 2TB partition sizes).
SnapServer 510 (4x 2TB)
SnapServer 520 (4x 2TB), S50 12x 2TB
DL185 G5, 12x 450GB SAS 15K, FreeNas 9.2
Lenovo IX4-300D, 4x 3TB WD RED
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