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Default Re: WD drives and Snaps

Originally Posted by Phoenix32 View Post
At least we have another option now.

The next thing is prices. Drives need to get back down where they were. I firmly believe the HD manufacturers are milking the crap out of those floods and that they could have the drive prices back where they were already, months ago.
Agreed and agreed!

Just before the floods, i was about to buy a few 2TB drives, but i was dithering over prices, special offers, specs and different models etc.

I could pick up basic 2TB desktop drives in the UK for about £55 -> £60 at the time and then it happened. Availability dissapeared and prices went through the roof. Prices are coming back down now but still no where near what they were at.

I also think that with the SSD explosion around the time of the floods, many people are favouring small SSD's in PC's and this has effected mechanical drive sales in general. I'm assuming the manufacturers are making up some of that loss by way of the pricing on large drives.

Because of the rise in smaller, fast, SSD's though, i beleive a lot of people will be turning to NAS solutions, and of course demand for large drives will continue to grow. Hopefully bringing those prices back down with it.

Prices for any technology are usually always driven by demand.

Until then..... I demand that prices come down!!
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