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Originally Posted by jaydee
I made this base a little over a year and a half ago simply to test my mill. I am kicking myself for not turning it into a block. One thing I am not to sure on (among many others) is how small the pins really need to be. The pins on this base are approx. 1/16" x 1/16". The pins on my Lemon Cu block has 1/8" x 1/8" pins and the pins on my R-Type block were a little less than 1/8". I plan on doing a lot of experimentation on this myself.

I wanted to tripple the pin count in the same area as this base but my mill just isn't up to the accuracy with a endmill. I will be seeking a slit saw attachment now that we see what can be done with one. With the mill I have been building on the side I think I can make some decent blocks with it.... Also have a few other ways of making pins...
the pin size is important, but I think the channel size in betw. the pins is more important. I think Roscal's, and his friend Eve's wire EDM cut blocks are good examples.

Jaydee, I think you should perfect your pyramid shaped micro-pin design... there's a lot of potential there IMHO

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