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Hi there, we did not post for quite some time, not because we gave up, but because we very working very very ... very hard.

So here is a sum-up of what we did till now: The thermal simulator is ready, and to assist it, we built up a box with an ammeter, a voltmeter and a dimmer to vary and calculate the power that the element that is dissipats in the water.

We also ran a leak test. The whole project is nearly leak proof, there are some drops that appear every once in a while at the bottom of the bongs, but we will fix this with some silicon when the leak test is ready (btw we are running a test at this very moment).

the only results that we can give you at the moment is that with the element set at 1kw, the amient temperature is around 13 degrees celcius, the water temperature is around 20 degrees celcius, quite a good temperature no??

The height of the bongs is around 2m each and we have 4 bongs, 4 fans that blow around 84cfm and a 400 w pump with 35 m head.

Here follow some pictures of the project till now. the only missing part is the computer because the machinist is too occupied to drill the o-ring groove for us

The following image is the box with the ammeter and the voltemeter and the dimmer
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