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Originally Posted by pHaestus
I think you need to reread the DMCA. According to that beautiful act of US congress I believe you CAN be found liable if you refuse to pull links to information such as this.

They went after the people who sold t shirts with the deCSS code on them didn't they?

As for legal defense on internet matters, I suggest

After all, Internet is serious business
I don't know. I think you could easily smack them around in court. Joe isn't committing the crime, the people that click the link, download the software, and then use the software are committing the crime. Joe isn't posting code to software he just allowing the pointing of direction to were the T-Shirts can be had. How the hell is that a crime? Is it a crime to point someone to Kassa or any other P2P network that has millions of copyrighted items downloaded a day?

I tell you what if Joe would have been found guilty then our justice system is pretty ****ed up. With the this DMCA logic anyone that gives means to a item that causes a crime is guilty of a crime. That's not a good thing.

I am with unregistered though on the copyright issue.
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