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With any luck the enclosure will be completely water/air tight; Exept for the entrances, through the filters, and the exits, through the fans on top.

The side covers will have cutouts for the filters. when they are in place the blue rubber part of the filter will be tightly squeezed between the enclosure and side covers.

IE: With the side covers on I should be able to take the hose, pour water in the top, and have it running down the sides of the case. No water will get inside.

Problem is the 3 Koolance fans have to get power, as does the Koolance front PCB. (The one with the temp readout and mode buttons) Power for the 6 blue LEDs that will go into the top fans also need to get power. Also the mist maker.

Gromets will work but I dont want to have to remove all the little plugs every time I want to work on that part of the computer.

My solution:

The wiring for the Front PCB and Fans go to the Koolance Control PCB, (top rear) through the Rear Plate. Plugs and all.

Here you see the Rear plate with a rectangle and 3 half holes cut out of it.

Close up.

From left to right:
The Back Plate
The little plate that will fit in the Back Plate, completing the holes for the gromets.
The plate that will fit over the Little plate and hold everything together.

Little plate in the Back Plate.

Plates in place on/in the back plate.

Wires, and Mist Maker Supply, through the back plate.

Everything fastened in place. I will have to put a layer or two of heat shrink around the water pipe to get it to fit the gromet.

All the plumbing also needs to exit the enclosure without leaks. To ensure minimum pipe lengths I want to put everything together before deciding where to drill the holes for the plumbing gromets.

O yea: The christmass lights:
The 6 LEDs that will go into the top 3 fans after they have been sprayed silver.

Sorry this is taking so long; I bought a Mazda 626 200i to fix up and sell. Its pretty beat up but is coming along nicely.
Goes like hell!
Spray painting tomorrow.
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