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Car;'s panel beated & Painted so I've had some time for the Mod.

The Enclosure is too long for it and the PSU; so brackets.

More brackets.

Rad Cleaning

Bling for the fans: Drilled 2 holes/ fan for LEDs They dont shine up in the black So silver.
The wires have to go through the enclosure seal, and I want to be able to see unevaporated mist.

Rad Clean.

All 3 fans will be sucking air: Through 2 car air filters; Cooling due to evaporated mist; Through the rad.

Blue LEDs

Cistern: Made from a Carb Float Needle & Seat. Painted with Etching Primer & 2K.
I also blew some through the Water channel. Galvanic Corrosion, hopefully wont be a problem.

Theres more, but I need to Sleeep.
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