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Some more photos:

The MB & Vid Card: A P4P800E De Lux & Asus 9800 Pro.
the 9800 Pr0 has a R360 core and has been flashed to a 9800 XT.
I will do the Droop & V Dim mod on the MB and a V core & V mem mod on the card later.
I'll also be adding some of the missing caps to the MB.

Its really fiddley to get all the bits into the enclosure; They are all in and the wiring cover is going on.

We have mist! The fans are off here and the cistern is doiung a good job of keeping the water level constant.

With thye fans on you can see that the mist is drawn through the radiator before it has evaporated. Some fans will have to be placed in the enclosure to get most of it to evaporate and cool the air before going through the rad.
I experimented over the weekend and have come up with a good configuration for said fans and some mesh.

The lit fans. They contain 2 LEDs each. I'm thinking of going for 4 each??
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