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Originally Posted by mwolfman
Nice mist!
Be ware of to much light, It can be frustrating when watching movies and so...
THX mwolfman.
Hmm... OK will leave it as is.

Originally Posted by mwolfman
Any temp readings? (Should be about 4° lower than before)
I used the temp probe that is part of the Koolance system and normally attached to the WB to measure temps:
Holding the probe wire at a distance of about 12 cm I touched the probe to the underside of the rad below each fan.
Ambiant was 26 C according to the probe.
Front temp - 18C
Middle - 18C
Rear - 16C

I dont know if 1deg C is close to 1 deg C for this probe???
A 10 C drop would be great, but I doubt it.
Another thermometer gave very similar readings though....

The order of the temps swaps around at low fan speeds due to a fan cyclone thingy I made that that changes the distribution of the mist at the lower speed.

The rad's water intake is in the front so I want the coldest air to go through the rear/ outlet side of the rad.

Originally Posted by mwolfman
Are you using anything to dry the room? (you don’t want any moll in/on the walls)
If you are, then you should connect that water to the mist chamber, its a lot of kalk (limestone), in tap water.
The climate here is very dry and such that you can leave the windows open. So; No special equipment reqd. to dry the room.
Will probably be quite healthy to have a little more moisture in the air around here.

The water mains will be connected to the cistern in the water 'bowl'.
Not sure what you mean here?

Originally Posted by mwolfman
By the way, is the containing walls made of alu or steel? If its steel you might consider to spray it with Zink, but let it dry for 2-3 days before touching it, otherwise it smears (well at least it did that for me)
I'm still in the testing stage mwolfman.
This is taking a while as there is no other system like this to get info from.
When everything is finalized I will Galvanize the Steel ennclosure, prime the surface with etching primer, and then spray the interior with metalic black 2K automotive paint.
Probably car wax it after that aswell!

Interested in this Zink paint though. Is it specially fo corrosion resistance?
The 2K is mixed with hardner and sets pretty quickly.
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