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South Africa... sorry... (I’ve been to Kenya, that’s the closest)
I’m going towards the winter (cold as hell to day...) while you are going towards the summer…
My mother will visit South Africa in January (2006) to look at the nature (flowers)…

"Interested in this Zink paint though. Is it specially fo corrosion resistance?"
Yeap, we (In northern Europe) use it on the car and so on...

"The water mains will be connected to the cistern in the water 'bowl'.
Not sure what you mean here?"
Hmm, thinking... What I mean here is, if you use normal tap water toll refill the bowl, then the water will leave dirt (limestone, I’m not sure if that the correct translation from Swedish) on everything after a while the area between the radiators fins will be reduced.
Very old specs below, but I keep it for sentimental values :-/
Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2, Barton 2500@3200 -11*201MHz, X800 XL , 1 GB Cosair 3200 (6-2-2-2) @400MHz in dual channel
TurboBlock Rev. 1.0
~0,15452756±0,004125251°C/W , HL120.3 with 3 Papst 4412@7volt , Hydor L30II
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