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Testing caused the enclosure to rust quite a bit.
So I sanded down all the steel plate bits and had them galvanised:

All nice and shiny! Seems a pity to paint them but I want to keep wet metal down to a minimum.

This is my centrafuge/fan/evaporator thingy:

A fan, without the frame, attaches to the centre bit with the blade's tips inside the slotted tubing.
The idea is that larger droplets will be thrown from the centre ******d, into the tubing, by centrafugal force.
Her the circular shape of the tupe, along with the wing tip vortices, will cause the mist to keep being cycled through the fan until it has evaporated.
Once the mist is evaporated it no longer weighs 'anything' and cool air is blown out closer to the centre.
Seems to work quite well in testing.
Remember you saw it here first!

I have spray painted all the galvanised bits with etching primer.
They will be sprayed metalic black.

Just some RAMSinks I'm making while waiting for paint to dry:

Made from 2 Celeron HSs.
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