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Finally had some time to work on this project again:

This is a bad photo of the enclosure and its components:
Top left is the a rectangular mesh screen for catching most of the droplets that would normally end up on the radiator and air filters. Effectivly blocking airflow.
Left is the front cover with LED lighting mounted. No window yet.
Bottem centre is the fan/centrafuge thingy for evaporating the water mist before it is blown through the rad. This way you cool the air before the rad rather than the room!

Everything assembled.
The fan/centrafuge is just above the centre water pipe. It blows cool air and some mist towards the front fans.
The air filter will go in the rectangular hole where you can see the mesh.
The cistern is keeping the water level constant beautifully!

Ambiant temp.
You can see the thermal probe that is normally attached to the CPU block, in my hand.

Here the probe is just below the radiator, so should be giving a good indication of the air temp of the air that is sucked through it.

Thats a 14 C temp drop in air temps!!!
When the probe is attached to the CPU waterblock, in its normal possition, it reads 17C after around an hour.
Thats 8C below ambiant!

This seemed to indicate that a lot of the cool air is going through the radiator without cooling it down much. A nice cool room would be nice, but I'd rather have the CPU block at 11C.
I think that once there is a load on the cooling loop the efficiency of the system will increase.?

O Yeah:
It makes very little difference weather the fans are on high or low. Perhaps slowing them down a little more, some how, will give the mist more time to evaporate?
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