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Default Re: 4100 s2s file permissions how-to

This is 4100 running SnapOS 4.0.860 and Snap extension s2s (not the new one!).

So you have two Snap servers replicating overnight. The trouble is, the file permissions do not get replicated, so the second box has no file permissions and if you need to switch to that, you are in trouble!
I found an easier way to do this plus it mirrors the shares along with the security settings. I have not found a way to automate it yet, but if I do, I will post a reply here.

Make sure you have mirrored your file system first, preferably with S2S!!!
  1. Launch Assist.exe
  2. Login to your "secondary" server. (Destination server)
  3. Go to the Import Server tab.
  4. Make sure the "All Server Settings" option is checked.
  5. Highlight your "primary" server. (Source server)
  6. Click Apply
  7. You'll get an "Blah, blah, blah, Are you sure?" prompt, click Yes.
  8. It'll prompt you to authenticate to the "primary" (source) server at this time.
You'll see a progress bar pop up and it'll quickly flash what it is working on then it'll say it's done.

Note: Every so often, Assist appears to lock up after the last step. The window is solid white. At this point, I just close Assist and do it again, which works fine. I'm wondering if it has a hard time authenticating when that happens.
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