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Default Re: Guardian OS units

Originally Posted by Phoenix32
And the family grows...
I have an 85 Gig 4000 series snap server
a 360 Gig 4000 series snap server
a 1 terbyte 4500 snap server
and 2, 2 terabyte 520 snap servers
My 4500 and 520 snap servers are running the guardianos verion 4.44.045 SP3.
I contacted Adaptec about updating to the latest version of the guardianos but they want me to pay for the update. I have only had my last 520 snap since may of last year. They do not support OS updates for more than 90 days from what they are telling me. That seems wrong. I told them that I would never buy another snapserver from them again. I have bought and used snapservers since they were owned by Meridian Data but I will never buy from adaptec again.
I do have guardianos up to the version stated above.

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