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Default Re: Guardian OS units

Hello, another Newbie here.

Recently inherited a working 750GB Snap Appliance Snap Server 4500 with GuardianOS 2.4.040 running a Pentium 4 3.06GHz CPU with 533fsb, two Gigabit Ethernet cards, and the SCSI card, with 496MB RAM.

Runs fine but want to use it as a repository of all my iTunes and Apple TV music and movies. Some of these have long files names, and this early version of the GuardianOS doesn't support AFP 3.x, so can't go beyond 27.3 filenames of of MacOS 9.

I have to buy new drives to have any hope of reliability for the next 4 years or so, and hope to upgrade to four 500GB or 750GB Barracudas. That's enough grocery money all by itself, so I was really disappointed when I called Adaptec to find out how to upgrade to 4.4.049. $720!!!!!! Can't afford that, so am looking for ways to avoid having to rename 12,000 songs and movies to conform to 27.3.


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