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Default Re: Guardian OS units

Originally Posted by Phoenix32
I have a couple 250 GB drives (one Seagte and one WD) I pulled from a working SNAP 4500 with OS 4.4 to upgrade to larger hard drives. I had a couple spare sleds, so I just used those. I know the drives will work in a SNAP 4400, 4200, or 4500, but the sleds will only work in a 4200/4500. I cannot speak for other units.
any chance in hell you still have these?
I've got a SnapServer 4400 (well 2 of em) running 4x180gb deathstars, one os 3.2 the other 2.6 and i'd love to upgrade the OS on both of em if the price is swinggable (the closer to free the better)

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