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I think that is the true glory of OCF, the way members are encouraged and inspired by the length we are willing to go to help a person we don't know
This thread started based upon the fact that there was almost a page of help from established members of the forum who were inspired to help but managed to do so without touching upon the fact that the cooling system in question was a complete cluster****.

Here's a hypothetical:
If you asked the OCForums what pump to get, I guarantee you a lot of Danner Mag3 posts will come of it. How is it helpful to newbies to set them up with a pump that has a defect that makes it KNOWN to leak when run inline? Ask procooling about the Danner Mag3 and we'll point you to an article on how to fix them (from 2000!) and then probably suggest a D4 or an MCP600 because the savings in money isn't worth the hassle or expense of a leak or pump failure. And OCForums is the site that is more helpful to newcomers?
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