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Default Re: Koolance's "how to test a radiator" demonstration...

I cannot agree more. Al should remain with automobile that operates at higher temperatures. What PC water-cooling requires is an exceptionally sensitive cooling rig. A slight change in degree and an action taken in accordance.

I understand that tests might be rigged. The only way anyone can satisfy me is to perform extensive, variable, idealistic and practical tests.

BTW... I know this is out of the topic question but I have noticed something strange with LGA775 HSF.

I have a 3.0GHz Intel HT. It was running at exceptionally high temperature. I noticed that this HSF had a Cu base extending all the way to fan (its sort of an inch of Cu rod between the Al fins). Al fins were bonded to it.

I had a leftover same spec LGA775 HSF (which comes with newer CPU) except that it was pure Al (including base). I swapped the HSF and noticed 5-10C difference (idle-load).

My question: Intel never conducted a test on HSF or what? Mixing of metals, great.
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