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Fx 5900 U full w/c (pushing man & machine to their limits)

...........Well at least pushing me with This Machine

With this build I wanted to have one inflow & outflow overall, but the block to cool GPU & Ram on both sides of the card. I Also want a single slot solution, being as compact and light as possible while still being all copper. To do this a one piece GPU & Ram frontside block was required, and this is very difficult to do, (at least with my mill), because the height difference between GPU & Ram needs extreme accuracy when milling the block base if it's to contact both effectively.

Anyway so far so good, the front block nearly finished, working on the backside ram block now that will contain the tube fittings, both blocks will bolt together sandwiching the card to become one similar to the Radeon 9800 Pro ram block I made a while ago.

some images;-

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