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Well this all started about 6 months ago when I decided it was time to start thinking about upgrading the old box.
First I decided I was going to make the leap into watercooling, and after much time and effort paging through forum after forum and thread after thread, I decided pretty much what parts I was going to buy. Problem was after looking around for a new case, the choices were decidedly lacking for what I was planning. The Mt Mods UFO was the closest I would have thought about buying but even that was not exactly what I was looking for. I was about to break down and just buy it but decided hey, why not build my own case exactly how I want it.

And so began the nightmare......

I dont draw out plans....I get most of my ideas when Im ready to fall asleep, and I forget half of that by the time I wake up, so this whole process has been fun to say the least as I get to a certain point and realize that my great idea has run into a brick wall due to some problem that I failed to forsee. Well anyway on to some pics.

I liked the Mt Mods case alot so I decided to:

1. Make the case out of wood in a cube
2. Make my life easier and order some Mt Mods parts to supplement the wood
3. Make the case as silent as possible using MDF and other means that I hadnt figured out yet.

First I bought some Pine 2x2's and ripped them down to 1 3/8 square, glued and screwed them into a cube. After I looked at it, I had my first wonderful idea that started me down my road of never ending nightmares. Lets silence the thing by making 3 layer sides and doors So, I experimented on the bottom and put 1 sheet MDF-----2 sheets of Cork-----1 sheet MDF, glued it all together and screwed and glued to the base.

The other parts in that pic are the motherboard tray, drive racks that I ordered from Mt Mods.

Ok, well that was easy I thought, lets move on to more substantial construction.

The next step was...well....I hadnt thought that far ahead to tell you the truth, all I had up to that point in time was a series of brain seizures with conflicting ideas. Finally I decided that I wanted a completely self enclosed, rad-box that contained everything minus the actual waterblocks, with all the hoses running internally into the computer case. Well in order to do that, I would have to put the box either on top or on the bottom. Realizing this is my first delve into the watercooling world, I decided on the bottom, that way if it leaks, its not going to fry anything.

Well I thought....Lets just make another cube the same size as the first one, and put wheels on it and set the actual case on top of that. So the second cube was born.

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