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Default Anatomy of a Panel

I wanted to show you all how I constructed the panels on these things without showing you every single panel, as there are 12 of them total, I figured that could get a little tedious

So here goes...

Each panel is constructed so that the outer piece is attached to the pine frame with large screws, so it is the actual dimensions of the frame itself. The next layers of cork and MDF are the dimensions of the interior of the frame. They are fastened by the same screws and then the whole thing is screwed and glued onto the frame. Its real fun trying to get all the holes and everything through 3 different layers and having them line up.

This is a side view of the rear panel for the computer case showing the different layers.

And from the rear

And a view from the inside

Also any place that there needs to be a screw, say to hold in the motherboard tray, drive racks, fans etc, I have used steel inserts that screw into the MDF which then have Hex Screws to attach the offending item. That way nothing will strip out over time and give me more nightmares. Whats nice about those little things is that trying to get one of them in straight is just about impossible, and takes about 5-10 min a piece.

Here are a couple more of the Front panel, with the fan grills in place. The fan grills are the speaker type and are recessed (routed) flush to the backside of the 1st layer and then hot-glued in.

Front Case Panel

Grill Front

Grill Rear

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