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Default Radbox Update

Well I did some more work on the Radbox today. Mostly I was laying out components inside and seeing what would work and what wouldnt. I guess now would be a good time to explain my madness on what I expect from it before I go to far. Its a dual system, 1 for the CPU and one for the Graphics. First a component list, all the parts I have to cram into it.

2 x Swiftech 655 Pumps
2 x Thermochill PA160 Radiators
2 x Danger Den HDPE Res's
4 x Danger Den Fillports
1 x Tagan 300 Watt PSU
2 x San Ace 38mm x 120mm Fans
3 x Papst 4412 120mm Fans

The idea here is dividing the box into 3 parts. The lower half is divided into 2 seperate "Tunnels" that are for the 2 Radiators. The upper half is for the rest of the components, with 1 120mm intake fan, 2 passive exhausts directly behind where the pumps will be, and of course the PSU will exhaust actively. Here is a pic of the case in my "Trial fit, dont attach anything permanently" stage.

This is a rear view

And a front view which deserves some description. I was drilling the holes for the Fillports, but decided to rush in where angels fear to tread and didnt do my computations right, so they ended up in the wrong place. 3 circular blanks, some glue and some woodfiller later, we have it in all its glory. The smaller screwholes needed to be filled sooner or later so I gave them a swipe while I was at it.

Trial fit on the fillports

Now the fillports will run directly to the Res which I have modified from its original form. I drilled out the fillport on the res and re-threaded it to fit the 1/2 to 3/8 adapter and siliconed it in. Then on top of that the 3/8 to 3/8 and the 1/2 barb. Hose to fillport and thats that. Was it the best way to do it? Who knows, but it makes my life easy as far as filling and leaving. Here is a pic of the modified res, with a coat of plastic primer and a first coat of finish paint.

More updates as they evolve.
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