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There has been a problem ongoing since the original thought for this case, that is how to not only keep the watercooling tubing inside the case, but also allow quick disconnects between the Upper and Lower boxes. Originally I had a few ideas, but as the boxes got heavier and heavier theres just no way that I can make use of those ideas.

So amazingly enough in my Spanish Class today, the simple answer came and hit me in the forehead. Horizontal mount with the tubes coming from the upper box just entering the lower box through shafts. So after I got home I immediately put my idea to work and here is the first shot.

Other work that has been done over the past couple of days has mostly been sleeving fans and working out wire routing for the PSU and fans inside the radbox. Now that I have this problem figured out, I think that was the last hurdle and I might actually have this part finished by the middle part of next week (Famous last words) Anyway, more tommorow as I am planning on making a day out of working on this thing.

Finished the panel

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