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Default Doors

Well after a whole lot of rain, a sander that was giving me grief and a wife who wanted some attention too, I was able to get back to work on this thing.

I started on getting the doors done, so after the first day of cutting, routing, and chiseling we have this.

With a test fit on the hardware.

Then came the fun part in making the interior panel. Fun because first of all I had to start saving some money, so instead of using cork on this box, I ended up using foam. Second, they were out of the thickness of foam that I needed, so I had to buy the double size and cut it in me its not easy, in fact it is extremely aggrevating.

Now glue the insulated panel to the exterior panel and thats the door. With the second one waiting for assembly.

Im just a day or 2 from having the construction part of this lower part done. Then its all painting and finish work, and finally component assembly.

Thought I would add a picture of the finished product, also I was curious to see how much the thing weighed so I put it on the scale and with the hardware it weighs in at 5.5 Kilos or about 12.1 imagine how much this monstrosity weighs complete, Im gonna need a winch just to move it across the room hehehehe.
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