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Default Radbox

Well finally I have some time to get back to updating this thread. Ive been working on and off on the radbox, painting and trying to finish it up so I can start installing components into it. Here is the pics on what I have done so far. The pics are not the best for the following reasons:

1. I hate cameras...
2. I cant move the box outside anymore without an engine lift
3. The paint is semi-metallic and is a pain to photograph with this POS I have
4. My house is not well lit
5. Not enough coffee...or too much coffee
6. Too lazy to polish the fingerprints and dust off the box for the 50th time




Close up on the spraypaint design

I have to finish up painting edges and such, paint the top, and finish puting the Aluminum on, but I want to get some of the components in before I finish that up.
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