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Default Snap 4500 HD upgrade not showing total capacity in usable space

Hi Guys,
I wish to begin with, I'm glad I found your forum. You really know your sheet and its refreshing to see a collection of people with the knowledge to solve problems that wouldn't cost a fortune as it does with our fine friends at Adaptec.

Now that the fluffing is done, on to my question. I've been looking around in your forum to see if I could find someone else that had this problem, but I haven't run accross it yet. The company I work for has a Snap 4500 that has been working beautifully for about 5 years. I came on about 9 months ago and inheirited the maintenance of the network including the server. I've been whining to the boss that running with less than 20Gb is too close to disaster and we need to do some thing. I convinced him to buy a new Snap 410 to move everything over to and use the 4500 as a backup. After the info was migrated over and I take my customary two weeks resting time to see if anything blows up, I started to do some work on the 4500. Another issue with the 4500 was that it would lock-up and the only way we could get back in was to do a cold boot of the system. After the reboot, the drives would have to resync. This happened 4 or 5 times in about 2 weeks. After that, we didn't have any more lock-ups for another month or two. I assumed that it would run into some bad sectors on one of the drives. This was a definate motivating factor for us to covince the boss to part with the cash since our information IS our company.

The old setup on the 4500 had 4X160 Gb WD drives in it. As I've been looking around your forum, I found that I made a wise choise in drives. I went back with 4X320Gb WD3200SB RAID drives. I went through the whole procedure replacing the drives in the RAID 5 setup, swapping 1 out at a time and letting it restripe. I was able to completly rebuild the RAID with the new drives but it didn't show full capacity of the drives. It showed the drives registered as 312Gb with a useable capacity of 230Gb. I thought that it may be an issue with the OS. I was running Guardian OS v3.0.099. As I read on your forum, that may have been some of my problem. I upgraded to v4.4.049 and it still didn't see the full capacity. I decided that since all of my info is now on the 410 that I could wipe the 4500 and try to redo the RAID. As I am typing this, it is resyncing but it still shows the useable size of each of the drives is 230Gb, so no change. Also my hardware version is 05.01.00. Is there anything that you can suggest or am I doing something wrong?

On a subnote, I don't really have a tremendous amount of experiance with the Snap servers because the time I've spent here I have done almost nothing to it. These things really do run good.
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